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For all the members who are still apart of the group and the new members we've recently got, I want to ask you guys to be awesome and try and get others to join!

Everyone is welcome! We really want to make this an active group for Male character/O.C. Art!

So be kind and spread the word! I also hope to see more submissions happening as well! x)

Thankyou again!

-Kay (TheHappyLandfill)


Welcome to the Group "Damn Boy"

This is a Group for Male characters/Art only!!
There are not a lot of solid Male groups on DA

So I invite and encourage everyone to submit here!!

Just a few rules!:

1. No Gore, violent, or Oversexual themed art (which means you know
exposed weiner shots and stuff lmao- you are unsure just ask!)
please theres young folks all over DA so please respect that

-please no fetish art.

2. NOOOOOOO female only pictures. If there is a male in the picture
then it's ok!

3. No copying, stealing or using others art

4. No art that is made by doll makers or tracing- Original
art by you only please!

That about covers it! So please be kind!

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July 26, 2014


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